Castel Pergine

Castel Pergine is one of the most enchanting fortress of Trentino. It is located on the top of the Tegazzo hill, aand allows a breathtaking view of the mountains and valleys of Trentino. After the restoration, the castle of the XII century is now open to visits. The walls, the majestic towers and the elegant rooms allow guests and visitors to live a fabulous experience… 

THE MEDIEVAL CASTLE is located on the Tegazzo hill and overlooks Pergine Valsugana and the Brenta Dolomites. The castle became a fortress in the XIII century and was owned by the Dukes of Austria under the rule of Margarete Maultasch and then of the Emperor Maximilian I.
In 1956 it was bought by Mario Oss, a Swiss man with his origins in Pergine, who wanted to open the castle to the inhabitants of Pergine, the hotel guests and visitors from all over the world.  
This multicultural meeting point, where the medieval atmosphere meets the lively hospitality and cultural offers, opens on March. 

A sober luxury to discover the old simplicity
Castel Pergine allows you to live a unique experience: stay and sleep in a castle and feel the old emotions! You can choose between the 20 rooms in the Ala Clesiana or the 3 towers, and every room differ from the other! The fairytale continues in the garden , where you can lose yourself from any thought and cuddle yourself in the wonderful panorama of the Valsugana valley…
It appears – although so far nobody has been able to prove this – that the Emperor Massimiliano I has slept in the rooms of Castel Pergine in February 1508 in occasion of his coronation and later in 1511

THE HOTEL WITH A GENUINE CHARM with 20 rooms and 3 towers, every room is different from the other and boasts a simple and sober luxury. Castel Pergine takes care of its only star and is proud of the “hundered moons” that all guests can personally discover. The rooms are located in the Ala Clesiana wing.
The garden invites the guests to relax, read a book, play, laugh or think and enjoy the view of the valleys, the mountains and the lakes.